Extreme adrenaline in one game only!

The goal of the MTB Challenge™ is to deliver an incredibly realistic experience for fanatic players who seek adrenaline and adventure sports. Bring this genuine feeling is a challenge built in each of the paths that will lead the player and their bike directly to the mountains.

The MTB Challenge™ has everything to drive gamers not toward a challenge but to a real experience on riding a mountain bike through mountains and trails, with all its physical and motor requirements. This game will allow players to experience the sport's complexity, likewise as in reality.

Support for VR devices

If the excitement was already guaranteed, with the support of Virtual Reality devices this experience will become even more immersive, letting the player even closer to reality.

Breathtaking effects!

Intensity and realism in the trepidation and motionblur effects, taking into account the simulation and 100% animation based on reality: bumps, skids, including the bike's behavior in dry and wet grounds.

Impactful Scenery

Each scenario will bring unique features: forests, mountains, deserts, rivers, rocky terrain, even urban. Advancing further through career mode will allow gamers to open new stages gradually. The approximate length of each mode can reach 30km away, according to the race category.

Atmospheric Behavior

Weather conditions will have the option to work dynamically. The player can start the stage with a sunny weather and, in the course of the race segment, clouds may appear transforming radically day's appearance, emerging then, wind, lightning, rain and storms.

Progressive-interactive Graphics

While playing the MTB Challenge™ will be possible to notice small details during the race such as: wet appearance of the character's skin and clothing when it rains; when the character falls, there will be bruises, as well as dirt caused by mud, dust and water.

Challenge your friends online

The player can play against their friends and see their regional, national and global score ranking. This competition will take gamers around the world to ride for the best time possible.

Your time can always be beaten, so the more experience in the game more chances to overcome new limits.

Keep up to date!

The game will offer new updates that include new scenarios, characters, clothing, visuals, bikes, including new modes and challenges. The players will often note many new exciting features within the game.

Choose your track and your music!

The player can load their own music syncing from Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud storage services. Besides that, MTB Challenge™ will bring a variety of emerging talents, playing their songs and rocking with your thrill.

And much more!
Please, take a look in the whole scope of this project accessing the "project" button below.


* We'll work hard to bring all those features described above to the final game version.
Some of these features depends from third-party companies and we can't garantee their accomplishment.


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